After I took out my bunk-turned-closet, which existed only briefly and you can read about here, the bedroom area still needed some work. I wanted better storage options above and below the bed.

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Bedroom storage: Shelves

I had material from dismantling the bunk, but I thought these wire shelves would be easier to install and more light weight. The head of the bed is 48 inches wide, the foot is 24 inches wide. Guess what measurements the shelves came in? They fit perfectly! But if they hadn’t, I could have used a hack saw to shorten them.

I purposely installed the shelves upside down so I could get that little lip to hold my fabric bins in. But, this meant reinforcing with a zip tie. In right-side-up installation, that little fork would cradle one of the tines, upside down it isn’t possible. So far this is working really well. If I am going down a rough road, the bins sometimes bounce off, but I could always put a strip of Velcro of the back of the bin and it’s counterpart on the wall to hold them in place better for travel.

At the foot of the bed, my cat claimed part of a shelf as her special spot.


Bedroom storage: Under the bed

I was unsatisfied with the accessibility of the storage compartment under the bed. Under one half, lengthwise, are important things like the hot water heater.  The other half hinges up for storage. However, the mattress has no hinge obviously, so this was an awkward procedure. The foot of the bed was supported by the L-shaped closure of this storage compartment.

When there was still a bunk above the bed, it was impossible to really get into the storage without completely taking the mattress off the bed. Even after ripping out the bunk and installing my shelving, it was still a struggle to access this storage area. So, I decided to modify it. I wanted to be able to just slide things under.

Dismantling the foot area first gave me materials to close off the access to pipes and such. I did this because I didn’t want things to roll or slide back there. Things like my cat.

Opening up that L-shaped footer area necessitated beefing up the bed frame with a horizontal support. Then, I went all out and made a leg for bonus support! I probably didn’t need to make this, but I felt like it. And I made it hinge, also because I felt like it.

Now, I have an excellent place for my laundry baskets!

I’m quite happy with my new bed area. The headroom is great, the storage is more functional. A memory foam topper makes that ugly floral mattress more comfortable. I got some more coordinating fabric bins and made it all cuter so here are my “Before and After” pictures once more: